Therapy dog gets her big break


Broadway Upstate is bringing “Legally Blonde Jr,” a musical production of “Legally Blonde” that stars child actors, to the Charles R. Wood Theater next weekend.

When they started rehearsing, they had everything they needed, except the four-legged talent to play Bruiser, the canine companion of the main character Elle Woods.

A local dog who frequents Dog Beach in Lake George, Sunny Puppy, was discovered on a whim when she and her guardian were relaxing on a bench outside the theater in Glens Falls.

Many may recognize Sunny Puppy from Dog Beach, or the many places she volunteers as a therapy dog. Read more below for information on her volunteer work.

Sunny’s discovery

Sunny’s guardian, Janeen Clark, said they were waiting for her mom at Spot Coffee on a beautiful day in Glens Falls. As they waited, she and Sunny Puppy took a stroll outside and sat down on a sunlit bench — the rays a precursor to the spotlight to come.

She noticed the children behind the window at the theater pointing and smiling at Sunny Puppy. She figured they were simply taken with the pup’s cute factor. Then a woman rushed out with a flier in her hand exclaiming Sunny Puppy had just the look they were seeking for the purse-riding pup of Elle Woods.

Janeen brings Sunny Puppy to Dog Beach all summer, so she wanted to let the Lake George community of residents and visitors alike know about Sunny Puppy’s debut on stage.

This will be a family-friendly show and a great night out for all ages!

Here are the dates and times:

Friday, Oct. 14 ay 7 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 15 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Sunday, Oct. 16 at 2 p.m.

Ticket information:

Adults: $18; Children $15

Call (518) 480-4878 or buy online at www.woodtheater.org.

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Sunny’s story as told by Janeen:

“Sunny is my very first dog ever. She is three years old and a female mixed-breed Jack Russell Chihuahua.  I got her through an ad in the paper. A woman’s dog had puppies and Sunny was the last one left of the litter. The woman, April, brought sunny — nine weeks old at the time — to my house to make sure she would get along with my cats. They got along splendidly.  She was so tiny and bouncy pouncing around in the backyard. I knew before I got her whatever dog I had, I was going to train as a therapy dog. So now not only is Sunny a certified therapy dog, she is also my service animal. We volunteer weekly at Glens Falls Hospital for the BHU.

We’ve also volunteered at the children’s section for Crandall Library where the kids read to her, and The Pines nursing home in Glens Falls where she is absolutely adored. Since Sunny is both a therapy dog and service animal, she is extremely well known throughout Glens Falls, especially on the GGFT bus and all the stores/restaurants we frequent on a regular basis. She’s been traveling all around town for the past three since i got her and has been bringing joy to everyone she meets ever since.”