Responsible Boating Initiative


After the tragic death of 8-year-old Charlotte McCue in July 2016, Warren County is increasing efforts to raise public awareness about the dangers of operating a watercraft while intoxicated or under the influence.

Look TV Chief Creative Officer Jesse Jackson volunteered to design a poster and unveiled the powerful image above at a meeting of the Warren County Responsible Boating Initiative Committee on June 22.

Charlotte’s family graciously allowed the use of this image with the hope that it can help drive this message home. Here, Charlotte is pictured jumping off her grandparents’ boathouse on Lake George in 2014.

It’s meant to honor her memory and evoke an emotional reaction that we hope will make someone take a step back before taking the helm of a boat — or any watercraft — after drinking or using drugs.

The committee is searching for funds to support marketing this initiative with items such as coasters, bracelets, keychains and even billboards.

We’re looking forward to partnering with various stakeholders to help deliver this message.

Partners include:

  • Warren County Board of Supervisors
  • Warren County Acting District Attorney Jason Carusone
  • Warren County Sheriff Bud York
  • Dave Wick, Lake George Park Commission
  • Joanne Conley, Warren County Tourism Department
  • Michael Consuelo, Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce & CVB
  • Elaine Chiovarou-Brown, Bolton Landing Chamber of Commerce
  • Jesse Jackson, Look TV
  • Greg Teresi Esq.
  • Walt Lender, Lake George Association

Check back for more details soon!

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