Spring Break Children’s Workshop

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Date(s) - 04/06/2018
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

The Hyde Collection, Warren Street, Glens Falls, NY, USA


Celebrate spring with this colorful workshop exploring the science behind color in art. Children will discover how artists use color in their artworks to express emotions, create illusions, and describe the look of a place. For ages 6 to 12.

Full Workshop (Tuesday – Friday): $60 members / $80 non-members
Single day: $20 members / $25 non-members

Register by contacting Kayla at 518-792-1761 ext. 310 or adminassist@hydecollection.org

April 3

Color Connections: We will look at Modern artist Josef Albers and explore color interactions. We will learn how color affects our emotions and how colors change when mixed together. In the Art Studio, we will make a color theory paper weaving.

April 4

What is a landscape? It is an artwork of natural scenery such as mountains, trees, rivers, or oceans. Artists who create landscape have a love of the land. We will discover how to look at landscape in a new way. In the Art Studio, we will depict the land we love with watercolor painting techniques.

April 5

Did you know that art is all around us? Advertisements and design are part of our daily life. Pop artists saw this and wanted to raise the art we see daily to the status of fine art. Discover how pop art used popular imagery to create masterworks. In the Art Studio, we will make a pop art design that will make you say, “Wow!”

April 6

Colors of high contrast can play tricks on our eyes. Op artists use the science of perception to make the viewer an active component in their artwork. Discover more about Op Art and create a color illusion of your own.