Summer Travel Inspiration

Don’t take our word for it. In deciding where to take a vacation this summer, take your inspiration from history!

Thomas Jefferson called Lake George “the most beautiful water I ever saw” and credited the area with helping to cure his headaches. While painting in Lake George, Georgia O’Keeffe wrote “there is something so perfect about the mountains and the lake and the trees.” Her painting of Lake George is pictured above.

There are countless stories like this throughout history. The lake and the area around it continues to enchant visitors every year as it floats to the top of travel checklists thanks in part to continued international publicity.

One of the latest is this list of most beautiful lakes in every state according to Architectural Digest. Echoing Jefferson’s thoughts, Lake George is listed as New York’s most beautiful lake.

“Tucked into the breathtaking Adirondacks, Lake George’s narrow shapes make it even more photogenic. On any given summer day, there’s activity on the lake, including steamboat cruises,” the author Kristine Hansen wrote.

Located in the southeastern area of the 6-million acre Adirondack Park, Lake George spans 32 miles ad 108 miles of shoreline. The lake is dotted with more than 180 islands.

Trip Advisor Ranking

TripAdvisor just unveiled its list of 10 hottest U.S. destinations for this summer. We were thrilled — but not surprised — to see Lake George made the list.

Pushing Lake George to the top is the incredible value you get with a vacation here. With the variety of accommodations, restaurants and attractions you can tailor your trip to suit both your budget and travel dreams.

Helping decide the list was “greatest increase in seasonal hotel booking interest, including the average one-week vacation costs for hotels and airfare,” according to a press release from TripAdvisor.

“The report helps travelers discover savings at popular summer travel destinations by identifying the least expensive summer week to visit with great value hotels, popular restaurants and must-do experiences,” according to the release.

Lake George is #4 on the list!

“This 32-mile-long “Queen of American Lakes” is a family-friendly destination with myriad outdoor and recreational activities. Among the cleanest and clearest of major U.S. lakes, Lake George is as splendid today as when Thomas Jefferson described it as “the most beautiful water I ever saw.”

Here ar TripAdvisor’s stats on visiting the area:

  • Avg. Summer Nightly Hotel Rate: $225
  • Avg. Summer Domestic Round-trip Airfare: $383 (to Albany International Airport/ALB)
  • Avg. Summer Week Expense Per Person: $1,958
  • Least Expensive Summer Week and Savings: June 11 (30% savings)
  • Fun Experience: Lac du Saint Sacrement Islands Cruise from $26 per person on TripAdvisor
  • Great Place to Eat with Family and Friends: Caldwell House Restaurant

Incidentally, June 11 coincides with our Lake George Region Restaurant Week!

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TripAdvisor also notes a recent survey found summer travel bookings are on the rise this year.

“TripAdvisor surveyed more than 3,300 U.S. travelers, revealing that 87 percent are planning a summer vacation, up six percent from last year. Of those respondents, 91 percent will travel domestically and the Northeast (27 percent) projects to be the most popular U.S. region for a summer trip. Almost half of Americans will plan a beach/ocean getaway (47 percent), while 38 percent are planning city trips,” according to the release.

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