Family Reunions at the Lake

Family Ties

When you talk about reliving memories and creating new ones, nothing does that better than a family reunion. Family members old and new gather to relive the past and strengthen the ties among them by taking part in new ways to have fun. What better place to do all that than in Lake George.

Local innkeepers say reunions represent a good portion of the visitors they welcome each year. Almost all the promotional materials for area lodging facilities point out that Lake George has attractions for family members of all ages, whether they’re on the go all day or just want to sit quietly in a shady spot to catch up on reading.

The Putzigs

One family that discovered the wonder of lake George is the Putzigs. Karen Felthauser of Round Rock, Texas, and her several siblings spent their formative years in the Albany area, and then fanned out across the country. Every three years or so they have a reunion, and recently they came to Lake George for the family festivities.

They had 47 people on hand, including some in-laws and cousins who dropped in and out during the weekend. The family had a great time, Felthauser says.

The Putzig clan split into small groups for some events, such as kayaking and some sightseeing. Felthauser says that at age 51, it was her first time in a Kayak, and she enjoyed it so much she now goes regularly back in Texas. “I didn’t realize they are pretty hard to tip over,” she says of the kayaks. “And the Lake George water was warmer that I thought it would be.”
Felthasuer says other families looking for a fun-filled place to hold a reunion should consider coming to lake George. “I highly recommend it. We had a great time.”

International Convention

A local hotel’s Director of Sales tells of a large family that has come to her hotel every year for the past 10 years to hold a reunion. Part of the family is based in New York City, and part in Montreal, and they find the Lake George are convenient and full of activities. The family is so large (110 people) that they have a planning committee to set to make arrangements!

Ties That Bind

A different sort of “family” also held a reunion in Lake George in 2005. Surviving crew members of the USS Bennett, a World War II-era naval destroyer, came to the area for their annual gathering, says event coordinator Don Sheridan of Manchester, Vermont. In addition to all that Lake George has to offer, the men and their families wanted to visit Warrensburg, where aviator Floyd Bennett, for whom their ship was named, grew up.

While here, the group went to the top of Prospect Mountain, took a steamboat ride on the lake, and enjoyed good meals in their hotel and at restaurants in town, says Sheridan.

Whatever your family’s size, there are many places in Lake George for you to stay, and enough activities to partake in, to add a lifetime of memories to those you’ve already shared.